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What we are
Curaa is a Healthcare Professional Placement Portal based in Nagpur (Maharashtra-Central India), with an extensive database of locally based doctors. We are focused on strengthening the healthcare Industry by helping Motivated and Talented Doctors propel their careers in India. We are the only consultants from Nagpur (Maharashtra-Central India) to provide Doctors to speciality and multispeciality Hospitals and Clinics in India.

For our Doctors
We are exclusive consultants to multiple hospitals when it comes to recruitment and assist them to acquire highly professional Doctors. Quality, Service and Reliability are our strengths. Curaa has over a decade of experience in HR and recruitment exclusively in the Healthcare Industry. As a result we have been working with some of the renowned names in Indian Healthcare. The CV Enhancement service is the most unique service we offer. According to a survey done by our team we are the only ones to offer such a service. Years of experience in the recruitment field has given us the idea about the features of the ideal Curriculum Vitae. Hence, we implement those skills to enhance the features of your CV thereby increasing your chances of grabbing the opportunity.

For our Hospitals

“Hiring the best, is your most important task.”-Steve Jobs

We offer our hospitals in this sector with short term and long term solutions to meet with their workforce requirements. We understand that workforce is the most valuable asset. All of our candidates are highly talented and experienced. This gives our clients the dual benefit of comprehensive understanding of their needs with accurate matches of the required candidates. Our sole aim is to place the right person in the right job every time because you deserve the best – whether you are a Doctor looking for a job or if you are an hospital looking for a Doctor.

At Curaa, we look forward to support you in all your professional endeavours for years to come.

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